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Me, Myself and I

I have this tight circle from high school called Dejolimenoris and we've been hanging out ever since. One of the moments we continuously use as an excuse to meet up is birthdays. The person who's having birthday will treat the rest of us, and in exchange, we would give a birthday present. It's been going on for almost a decade until it finally became more like a routine. Finding the perfect birthday present may sometimes wastes time and often still could not fully satisfy the birthday person (it shows in their expression when they open the present). And eating out at a fine dining restaurant these days may become a burden for some of us.
So starting from this year, we decided we will not celebrate any birthday and no birthday present will be given. Thus, we only we meet up when we want to. Less frequent but more meaningful.

And the first birthday of the year happened to be mine.

I didn't feel sad. But I did feel something was off. A few days before my birthday, I unco…