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I'm definitely not a big fan of France. I don't consider France as a romantic country, which is what I always hear France is known as. Unlike German or Spanish or Italy, I don't have any interest in learning French. It doesn't mean I don't like France either. If I have a chance to go to France, I would love to go without hesitation. But still, I don't have special feelings for France.
Since I have stayed in Fuzhou for more than a year, I notice that Chinese people loves everything about France. How could I jump into that conclusion? Because I've been to several vintage shops which sell items from small stuffs for stationery until big stuffs for kitchenware which have French touch on them. Either the flag of France, Eiffel Tower, or pictures of France landscapes. They have Merci for stamps, glass bottle and scissors in Eiffel Tower shape, room fragrance imported from France, etc. Of course, they also have some touch of UK, Canada, USA, Germany, Italy, etc. …