I'm definitely not a big fan of France. I don't consider France as a romantic country, which is what I always hear France is known as. Unlike German or Spanish or Italy, I don't have any interest in learning French. It doesn't mean I don't like France either. If I have a chance to go to France, I would love to go without hesitation. But still, I don't have special feelings for France.

Since I have stayed in Fuzhou for more than a year, I notice that Chinese people loves everything about France. How could I jump into that conclusion? Because I've been to several vintage shops which sell items from small stuffs for stationery until big stuffs for kitchenware which have French touch on them. Either the flag of France, Eiffel Tower, or pictures of France landscapes. They have Merci for stamps, glass bottle and scissors in Eiffel Tower shape, room fragrance imported from France, etc. Of course, they also have some touch of UK, Canada, USA, Germany, Italy, etc. But the percentage is far behind French.

At first, I was a bit disappointed. I love Germany and I would buy anything with German touch on it. But since I only see French stuffs where ever I go, I should bury my pleasure in Germany. Last Christmas, my room-mate gave me a cup with French words on it which obviously I don't understand. I was excited not because of the cup, but because I got a present on Christmas Day. I am also the kind of person who will not use stuffs that are precious because it's a gift and I'm afraid I will break it. Again, not because I love the cup. So I kept the cup in my drawer for almost a year.

When I got back to Jakarta last summer, I found a new shop in a mall that sells items just like the shops I've mentioned above. I was shocked because of two things: apparently Indonesians are also into France; stuffs sold there are more or less the same with those sold in Fuzhou, but in a quite more expensive price.

Perhaps because I don't like to go with the main current, it took me quite a while until I found stuffs with French touch are unique. Besides, I love vintage. I don't know what got into my mind, but about two weeks ago, I finally decided to use the cup. I love coffee so much and I use the cup to drink coffee almost every day. My wild mind said that it will be interesting if my French cup find it's destined pair: French coffee. This time, I never thought that my French friend, Anthony, who also goes to FNU, would actually give me some sachets of French Coffee. And, voila, I have found a perfect match for my French cup. So I tried the coffee with my cup, it was a black coffee, a real coffee, if you ask me. It's hard to find real coffee in China, to be precised. The second time I drank the coffee, I put some condensed milk and it tasted perfecto.

And so, today I thought it would be great to have a picture of my French coffee cup, just to fulfill my satisfaction. I made a coffee milk and poured it into the cup with the coffee sachet beside it then took some pictures of their romance. Hehehe...

PS: merci Anthony...^^


manyun nyun said…
i remember when you give me the coffee...jadi gila wangi kopi deh..hahha
Yes, yes, the smell was really nice..^^

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