Have you ever been in a situation where two things or more happened at the same time by a chance? People usually call this conicidence. I personally don't think it's a coincidence because i believe that everything happens for a reason. So i call it purposeful coincidence.

Just within 9 days, i have faced two purposeful coincidences. I decided to share the stories and discover the purpose of each coincidence.

1st, it happened on Sept 17th 2010. That day, i helped my mum cleaned the canteen then went to CL to have lunch. I felt so bored after over 2 months of holiday and i really wanted to refresh my  mind by strolling around at CL. But even arter lunch, i still hadn't feel satisfied. My mum wanted to go to my aunt's house. I had two choices, went to my aunt's house with my mum or went home alone. Considered that i'd do nothing except watched TV in my aunt's house, i chose to go home, at least i could browse the internet or watched movies.

On the way out to the east gate while i was going to accompany my mum to the bus station, i saw my 2 highschool friends walked towards me. I was so happy that i didn't have to go home early and could spend some time with my old friends.

So let's say it's a coincience. If i hadn't helped my mum cleaning her canteen, if i hadn't gone to CL, if i had walked out a little earlier or later, i wouldn't have met them. But then i realize something while we were hanging around and ate ice creams. I got to know about problems that rose up among my close friends lately. Those problems were so crucial and i was so glad i knew about this so i can understand my friends' feelings and to act properly and accordingly.

Can u see the purpose of this coincidence? It's to let me know that they are having problems and try to make things back to normal.

2nd, it happend on Sept 25th 2010, also at CL. I had two classes at the campus and stopped by at CL with my classmate. I was going to buy hair rolls and she was looking for a notebook. We were hanging around for a while and then she wanted 2 find some snacks and i wanted to go home, so we separated.On the way out to the east gate (again), suddenly, i felt so hungry. The choices left are: went home hungrily, bought breadtalk and eat it on my way home, or eat at Hokben (you know the cheapest packet they have is so friendly with students' pocket).

So i climbed up to the 5th floor and got into the queue. At first, i decided to sit at the middle of the glass room (beside Solaria) at a 2-person table. But then i changed my mind and sat at the corner, at a 4-person table, leaned to the glass window.

Seconds after finishing my meal, i saw another two old friends walked towards the  XXI cinema. I quickly knocked at the glass window (let's consider i chose to sit a the corner as a coincidence) and asked them to join me inside (again, let's consider i chose to sit at a 4-person table as a coincidence).

We had a great conversation about things happened lately in our own activities. They (let's call them Marco and Polo) told me about the girl Marco had pursued for quite a long time and how he quited think about her. He (unintentionally) told me about the girl he pursued at the moment and happened to recognize that girl. Polo told me about his job which, in his point of view, got more annoying day by day.

Now, can you guess the purpose of this coincidence? Well, here's what i got, i learn a lot about love and work through their experinces. You know, just like the Confucius saying : If three of us are walking together, at least one of the two others is good enough to be my teacher.(三人行,必有我师)。

So, do you still believe that coincidence is simply just a coincidence?
Trust me, you'll find more if you look more...


ching said…
haiyaaaaaaa.... itu namanya takdir jo,ktmu org2,hahahah part hokbenya g suka jo(cheapest meal) wakakakakak
jojox said…
ce ileee.. tumben niat baca artikel inggris chink..! kedorong ma dosen qta yah..? hihihi
ching2 said…
cuihhh baca ingrris mah makanan g tiap pagi jakarta post plus kopi item wakakak kayak bapak2 ya wkakakaakak, iy nih bacanya pake kamus jo 2 jam baruu selesai wakakakak

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