Shimao Cinema (Finally..)

When I got back home on July to August, my friends asked me crutial questions: Have you gone to the cinema in China? Have you tried KFC or McD in China? It's awkward to say that I've never tried those things. Seriously. The only reason is because I find it quite expensive and not worth it. One ticket for cinema is around 100 RMB, and eating one normal packet of KFC or McD will cost me around 30 RMB. So even if I really like watching movies and would love to try Chinese taste of fast food, I'd rather save my money and buy something more valuable instead.

But something came up to me lately. On Friday night, I found myself starving and I wanted to get myself something from a local fast food resembles to American fast food. But later I changed my mind and went to McD. I had french fries, nuggets and hot chocolate for 27 RMB. I think they're quite good except for the hot chocolate, it was just like water, and I threw up the next morning. So I guess the hot chocolate was not chocolate at all since my body is sensitive to additives and chemically drinks. But, hey, I've tried McD, and it taste not so far from Indonesians.

About the cinema, my Indonesian friends who have been here for just a few months got back from watching Spiderman somewhere near Chating Park 茶亭公园 for only 35 RMB last Sunday. I've been here for over a year and I haven't found any theater that cheap enough here. Can you imagine..? So, yes, I'm excited to go to the cinema. I promised myself if I coud finish the first part of my thesis by this Friday, I would love to have a real weekend by watching a movie in the theatre. Alone. I did it. It was amazing how I could get rid of the temptation for playing pingpong with Daryl, a good friend from Phillipines, or hang out in Huodong Zhongxin, or watch movies and sleepovers and just focus on my thesis. No distraction like I used to have. I guess that's what happen when you really determine, right?

So I went to the cinema yesterday. My friends said they took 124 bus to go there and the cinema is exactly at the opposite of Chating Park. It was tricky because later I found it was beside Chating Park, not the opposite of it. The place called Shimao Shishang Huanle Yingcheng 世茂时尚欢乐影城 and it is located in an underground shopping center. The place was quite cozy and unique. I also found a night club called Mona Lisa beside the cinema. But don't expect something extravaganza like Indonesian malls, it's uncomparable. I was so happy Expendables 2 is on theatre and I got half price for student card, which only cost me 40 RMB. It's still more expensive than most Indonesian theatre, but since I'm longing for it and I got a chance to watch my most wanted movie, it's a great deal.

I thought I might get hungry and the theater could be too cold for me, so I bought a small popcorn for 15 RMB. I thought it would be as small as Indonesian small size popcorn, but it was like middle size of Indonesians, hahaa.. The theater was half size of Indonesians, one row only consists of 12 seats. What annoyed me the most was the people were not acting like civilized people. I sat at the very back and no one was sitting there except me. I thought Chinese don't really like to sit at the back. But then three girls who were supposed to sit a couple rows in front of me moved to my row and picked their seats. Even if before the movie started there was an announcement of sitting according to your ticket number, I didn't see them got worried of being gaped. And also, during the movie, there was a guy about five rows in front of me answered his phone and talking out loud. Come on...! Thank God he went out to continue talking, if not, I would have yelled at him.

Overall, I was so happy I watched a great movie in a considerable price cinema. Definitely gonna be back again when another great movie is on theater. The only problem is that cinema is playing movies two months later than Indonesians, so I have to wait patiently...


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