Me Time

A few days before i go back from China i wandered around the neighborhood and through the Min River. Alone. Wandering alone might be boring for some people, but it has always been a fun activity for me. Being alone while absorbing the nature around me makes my mind and my heart thrilled. I recharge my soul, refresh my thoughts, and i come back fully contented.

Some people might not understand what i mean, but that's not the point. The point is to have your own way of finding your serenity. This may be hard to do if you live in big cities and get drawn in daily routine. Perhaps that is why we have annual leave - to escape from everyday routine and have a 'me time'.

For me, having a 'me time' not necessarily means i have to take a leave, buckle up and go on an adventure. Staying at home, sitting comfortably at the corner next to a window with a bundle of good books or papers and pen to write with tea or coffee on the side is HEAVEN. I enjoy having deep conversation with my own self, a voice that rather keep quiet if i don't frequently talk to her. Books help me find a topic to discuss with her, and it kind of expand my visions too. Writing is a never lasting joy for me. It helps me explore inside out with overflowing thoughts and somehow makes me feel i have done one good thing today, simply just because i have created something, even though it might just become a meaningless writing for some others. Still, it is my term of quality 'me time'.


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