Separation is not Easy

Written on Saturday, June 23rd 2012

I’m sitting at one corner in Langbo Coffee. The weather outside is so good: no sunlight, a bit cloudy but not raining. The Brazil Coffee is also good, bitter sweet. I finished it before it gets cold. 

I recently got angry. Well, got upset, more precisely. It was a simple matter, just a simple joke, but I don’t know why I got pissed. Then I remember last night when I was eating with Madina and analyzing all my classmates character, and also me, she said I’m a good person, I don’t like bad personality person, but I also have one weakness: my mood is easily influenced by other people or things. Yup, she’s absolutely right. Can’t help it, I guess, basic nature of me. And it’s happening now. 

I kind of sad, remembering how Madina, who knows me so well, and fill my heart so deeply, and no one will replace her existence just like it is right now, is going back to her country, Uzbekistan, within days. And also Rowena, my little sister from Phillippines. I’m gonna lose them both and I don’t even have enough chance to spend time with them because of exams and busy finding souvenirs for their relatives. Separation is never been easy for anyone. Even if I know that this is not a matter of life and death, but still, it’s hard to face. I don’t know if I am just exaggerate things, but I have to say life is hard here. Dealing with study, friends, people, etc., they are complicated. If only I could buy another heart for back up, that would be great. But, then, life will have no meanings, right? And what kind of life without tears and laughter, anyway? So, I’m thankful to have them in my life journey, even only for a while.

Rowena, writer, Madina


Rowena said…
yes, it was never easy to get separated from the people you learn to love to the maximum level of your heart....but, things come and go...lets accept it.but i will never let go the friendship, love, family, memories, and "them" in my life...:)

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